Desbridge wants to give consultancy about the R&D services and product design issues to the technology companies. Company focuses to give these supports in 3 different areas;


Electronic Hardware Design


  • Block Diagram Design
  • Schematic Design
  • PCB Design

Embedded Firmware Development


  • Flow Diagram
  • Source Code Development

System Design & Development


  • System Design
  • Analysis
  • Test Definitions


Electronic Hardware Design

Desbridge has a great experience about the electronic circuit design, components, design tools, simulation programs, manufacturability, pcb’s and cost effective approach that company can provide to its customers end to end and cost effective solutions about the electronic hardware design. The service will be given in separate or integrated way.

  • Block Diagram Design (concept design) : Block diagram (Concept) design is the first stage of the product design process after preparing the requirements specification document. It’s a simple and scratch drawing that includes most important components and relations of these components of the product. This process will be helpful to the companies for those who want to decide resources and feasibility work of the product.
  • Schematic Design : Desbridge can provide a wider study range and cost effective solutions to its customers about the digital and analog circuit design based on its experience in electronic R&D sector.
  • PCB Design : Desbridge will provide a rapid PCB design to its customers based on the schematic. PCB design will be guaranteed to pass the given regulations (EMC, LVD…etc.) at the beginning of the project by Desbridge.

Electronic Firmware Development

Another important experience area of the company is Software/Firmware development. Firmware development process will be provided in two ways by the Desbridge Technology Solutions. Flow diagram and source code development are the services provided under this section.

  • Flow Diagram Design : Below the firmware development process Desbridge will provide a flow diagram of the functional behavior of the product which is requested from the customer. This process will be done even if the customer requested or not. Because before starting the firmware development of the device both sides must be agree about the functional behavior of the device. It can be done with the flow diagram document which is provided by Desbridge.
  • Source Code Development : After the flow diagram design, coding operation can be started with the environment (IDE, compiler, design tools …etc.) requested by the customer. C and C++ are the base programing languages that Desbridge can provide.

System Design & Development

Desbridge believes that another important part of the design/development process is the system design and analysis part. Because of that; Desbridge will provide a system design, analysis and test plan about the system to the consumers. System Design, analysis and Test operations will be provided in this design service.



  • System Design : With the system design Desbridge will provide requirements specification document to its customers. This document should be the first step of the development process even if the device is not really complex. Because this document is like a deal/agreement between the developer/designer and the product owner.
  • Analysis : With the analysis service customers can get high level, low level analysis documents and interface specifications documents of the device or system that customers requested.
  • Test Operations : Test operations or test plan can be done about the system or device based on the requirements document. Desbridge has a great experience about the functional test operations about the system or device and can provide a full automatic test benches or system to its customers about the device they are requested.